5 'Must Have's of a Premium Timber Door Supplier


When it comes to choosing a premium quality timber door supplier, there are no end of important aspects to review. So we’ve decided to put together this checklist which hopefully should serve to guide you through the decision process.


A premium timber door supplier should be able to demonstrate investment in certification and testing.

What kind of quality checks are in place? Where is the wood sourced. What testing has been undergone?

These are just some of the questions which should be asked when it comes to ‘quality.’ Industry leading certification from bodies such as BM TRADA Certification Services and Timber Consultancy , Secured by Design, British Woodworking Federation, and C E marking (fire door testing) These all serve to offer confidence and reassurance of the quality of the timber used, the management and production processes, and the craftsmanship!


As a significant investment, it is perhaps logical that ‘security’ is also on our essential must-have list to consider, and is something crucial to include in your search criteria.

What measures, processes, features and certification does your supplier offer, or have in place?

Investment in Secured by Design certification for instance demonstrates a company’s commitment to clients’ security and safety. A comprehensive range of Access Control features also underlines your suppliers commitment to enhanced security and brings peace of mind too.

Secured by Design’s accreditation scheme provides a recognised standard for all security products which can deter and reduce crime.


Trusted, industry approved, third party testing and certification offers assurance! From source, to supply and delivery it’s important to know thorough testing has taken place.

What type of certification should you look for?

👍Secured By Design: Doors tested to PAS24:2016 are Secured by Design licensed. A police initiative enabling specifiers to choose products which meet the strictest standards of security. Secured by Design

👍BM Trada Q-Mark Fire door manufacturer
Primary testing isn’t enough. Independent, third party certification by a reputable UKAS accredited body such as BM Trada ensures high, consistent, quality standards.

👍BM Trada Chain of Custody – the certification which offers complete assurance – certainty that the manufacturing process is completely sustainable. BM TRADA Certification Services and Timber Consultancy

👍M Trada Q Mark Enhanced Security
Enhanced security door certification

👍CE Mark
Declaration that your timber door meets the health, safety and environmental requirements to be sold in Europe.

There are so many, yet these are the core ones!


Number 4 of our essential ‘must have’ list, when looking for a leading timber door supplier has to be capability. But how does a supplier demonstrate this? We think it comes down to a diverse product range with an emphasis on ‘bespoke’.

You need to be certain that when you have a challenging specification which might combine numerous security features, oversize elements, and fire resistance that your supplier can meet your demands.

Questions to ask your timber door supplier on the subject of ‘bespoke’:

1/ Can you create timber doors which are oversized and in a variety of colours and finishes?

2/ Can you create timber doors which are Secured By Design, with access control and CE marking?

3/ Could you provide some examples of bespoke timber door project case studies?

4/ What processes to you have in place to help your bespoke manufacturing methods?


With a smile? Not always… joinery is serious stuff. Light-hearted we may be, but these photographs belie the reality. In all seriousness, good service is something you shouldn’t compromise on.

But it’s a difficult one isn’t it? How do you know you’re going to receive good service before hand?

👍 Do a little research on your timber door supplier in advance.

👍 Check out customer testimonials and case studies.

👍 Take a look at their social media, their references, and also find out what kind of service and support structure they have in place.

For example, at JCK, in the office we have a strong customer support team, in order to manage projects superbly, from start to finish – so you always know how things are progressing; from quote to delivery.

Equally in the workshop there is a clear management structure and quality checking process in place, to keep everything moving smoothly, effectively and to the highest standards.

If you would like to know more about the numerous quality measures, and accreditations we have in place, please get in touch – enquiries@jckjoinery.com


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