Unity Group is proud to support #FDSW2022

#FDSW22 officially begins today and at Unity Group we’re proud to show our support once again and will be sharing important information and advice throughout the week.

Since its inception, we’ve been strong advocates of the work the British Woodworking Federation does to drive awareness of the crucial roles fire doors play in saving lives during Fire Door Safety Week.

As a premium supplier of composite solid core fire doorsets and timber fire doorsets (Unity Doors and JCK Joinery) we feel it’s our duty to spread the important message of the role fire doors play in saving lives and property.

This year’s initiative is as strong as ever and acutely timed with Halloween and Bonfire night festivities in the same week. It’s incredible to see that already there have been a number of incidents of fire doors which begin with what are seemingly the most harmless of actions. So when you’re thinking about Halloween decorations, think about using LEDs rather than real candles when decorating pumpkins.

‘Make Time To Save Lives’ taps into people’s consciences, to make time to do just that. The difference between a poorly fabricated, ill installed fire door, and a fire door which has undergone rigorous third party testing and passed all certification is exactly that. If people take the time, well, they can save lives.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

We know that security and safety are high on the agenda for homeowners and renters however,  fire safety is considered less of a priority. In fact, people are six times more likely to report a heating system issue than a fire door one, and people are twice as likely to report a toilet not flushing or no hot water than a fire door issue. Fire Door Safety Week aims to raise the awareness of the critical role that fire doors play in saving lives and protecting property in the unfortunate event of a fire. Make Time to Save Lives.

Over the past few years we have invested significantly in testing and certification in order to provide our clients absolute assurance that the fire doors they’re investing in are safe and secure. We now also offer Dual Certification and Secured By Design certification for fire, smoke and security.

Following latest safety legislation we’ve invested extensively in our collection, with a portfolio featuring certified FD30S, FD60S, solid core composite fire doors and timber fire doors, (which are UKCA marked for external use and all boasting 3rd party accreditation.) with Secured By Design and Made to Measure options.

This week in addition to the series of events which the British Woodworking Federation is running, we’ll also be highlighting the importance of third party fire door testing and certification, so please keep checking back.

The British Woodworking Federation is running a series of workshops and events beginning with Fire Door Testing and Inspection tomorrow. Take a look.



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