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On World Diabetes Day, Unity Group is hoping to drive awareness of this debilitating disease.

This is very much a personal story, as our Director’s son, Oliver Newton, suffers with this terrible illness. Diagnosed at just 18 months’ old with Type 1 Diabetes.

This is his story:

On the 18th of March 2019, our little boy Oliver began to feel unwell, he was drinking lots of water and needed to go the toilet constantly. At the time we felt that perhaps he was under the weather, but as things worsened, my wife and I decided to call the paramedics. On arrival they suspected that Oliver was suffering with Type 1 Diabetes.

The paramedics acted quickly and we were rushed instantly, with blue lights flashing, to the hospital, where Oliver was immediately hooked up to machines and put on an IV line. The rest really seems to be a blur of sheer panic and desperation, with constant thoughts of ‘How are we going to cope and learn to care for Oliverand ultimately, keep him alive!’

Oliver has numerous blood glucose tests through the day, along with a 24 hour Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) so that we can monitor his blood glucose levels day and night. Both when he is with us, and at school! This device is cannulated and we have to change it every 10 days.

More recently Oliver has had an Insulin Pump fitted, to reduce the amount of pen injections he has to bare every day. This pump administers insulins as and when we request it to do so. This devise is also cannulatedand changed by us every 3 days.

Despite this daily turmoil, Oliver is the most caring, intelligent and confident boy. He thrives at school, has plenty of friends, is extremely sporty with gymnastics, football, and swim every week, and just takes every day in his stride. All of this would not have been the case had we not had the support of JDRF UK https://jdrf.org.uk – the charity committed to eradicating type 1 diabetes, plus our family and friends.

My aim with this piece is to drive awareness of the symptom and diagnosis of diabetes, and of course to highlight the important work JDRF UK does in helping children and families such as mine. They have made such a world of difference, and if I can support the cause in any way, by way of thanks, I will.

This isn’t really about raising money, more about driving awareness but it would be remiss not to share a link if there are families touched by this illness who’d like to donate.




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